Arrr Me Hearties!

Today was spent making Pirate Treasure. Last week’s pirate day had resulted in treasure chests, but where was the loot? We needed to design some!

First we looked online at pictures of old coins to get lots of ideas. Then we shaped airdrying clay into small disks, then made patterns on them. They are currently drying.

A small selection of our pirate loot.

A small selection of our pirate loot.

The children really enjoyed this, but we ran into a few problems. First was that my youngest child had a lot of trouble telling the difference between air drying clay and play dough. He really wanted to just keep reshaping his brother’s work. Everyday homeschool life, I think!

The second was a rookie mistake, and I was embarrassed to make it! I didn’t get the children to plan out their designs more fully before working with the air drying clay. Air drying clay has a very low tolerance for reworking, and it started to dry out a little the little hands changed the pattern a few times. If you try this at home, I would encourage children to draw a few designs first, to try to minimise the clay drying out.

Still, the children enjoyed it.

As soon as they are dry we will paint them in gold and silver paint, and then they will be ready for burying! And finding! And… what else did pirates do with coins anyway?


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