Designing Learning Spaces

I can’t believe we have nearly been in this house for a year! Goodness it has gone fast. We have been working out of a bookshelf in the entrance way, but it isn’t really working for us, so now we are designing a new workspace.

A lot of educational approaches put a premium on the learning environment. Reggio Emilia talks about it as the third teacher. Montessori emphasises the availability of children to be able to access the materials they need by themselves. Waldorf styles emphasise that children will internalise the environment. And personally, we just find it so much nicer to work in a pleasant environment.

But much as I would love a  gorgeous learning area, space is at a real premium so we are working out what we really need, and then trying to figure out how we can fit it in. I’m nervous about looking at all the gorgeous ideas on my Pinterest board for that precise reason!

So far, we have decided to put a premium on creating a workspace that has easy access to both materials and a place to work. We are having a good clear out and working out what we really want to have available. Art, stationery, craft, and construction materials are important to us, and so is lots of books, and computer access.

We are now moving some things out of the way so we can rearrange things. I;m looking forward to showing you around!

How do you organise your supplies? What do you think are the most important things the have available?


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