Nuturing Curiosity While Out and About


There is  a lovely post that has been circulating a few days about nurturing curiosity in young children through the use of Inquiry Bags. It is lovely and has some fun ideas to help you with nurturing the spark in your own young child.

This idea is one of those good ones that fits so many approaches: The project-based learning approach as championed by Lori Pickert has the similar idea of bringing drawing supplies whenever children are out and about. And Nature journals are a post all of their own!

We have always had a bag of art supplies in the car. Ours is simple and just contains a sketchbook for each person and some pencils, but I love the idea of expanding these supplies to encourage curiosity more often, and adding things based on where we are off to. A magnifying glass is easy to come by and has a lot of uses, and my boys would love the measuring tape.

What do you do to encourage the spirit of inquiry in your children? Do you have things you take with you when you are out and about?


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