Recreating the Narmer Palette

We make a lot of time creating new things, because creation is important, but we also like to recreate things, or re-imagine existing and historical things. It is a lot of fun of course, but it also looks great in the home education reports I have to produce to be a registered homeschooler.

We have been working on a unit on Ancient Egypt. We’ve examined the geography, looking at the role of the Nile. WE made a list of questions we wanted to investigate and looked them up. We drew maps and examined posters.

We watched a documentary called “Planet Egypt“. The first episode is about the Narmer Palette and the unification of Egypt. The Narmer Palette is a pre-dynastic artifact, that means it was before the pharaohs.

First we gathered our inspiration. We had a lot  of pictures of the Narmer Palette, so we set those out, then we got to work with the clay.


Once they had finished with the Palette, they decided to get working on a King Narmer model.

Have  you tried reecreations or historically inspired creations? What works for you?


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