Is homeschooling a big deal?

Should you choose homeschooling?

I have always found it amazing how much pressure people will put on you to stop homeschooling. I think what makes it so insidious is that it is done in such a well meaning way.  The strangers on the street who make occasional comments are easy to deal with. I can ignore them or call them out on it according to my mood. But what is much more difficult to manage is the concerned face and the way school is bought up to solve every parenting problem or issue I might chat about over coffee. (Raising homeschooling aa a solution every time someone brings up an parenting issue does not go down well!) Now fighting off that is exhausting!

It often seems that by choosing a non-standard approach,  people think I have forgone my rights to mess up,  to have doubts, to change the way I do things. But those things are part and parcel of being a human being. Humans make mistakes, whinge and worry. 

Homeschooling parents do too – and that’s okay.  Take back your right to mess it up!

The best bit about being a homeschooling parent is that when you do stuff it up, you can turn around straight away and do something different tomorrow.  You can just change what you are doing – no paperwork,  no hassle!

And then we can winge about it. 😉


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