I can’t tell you what’s in them…


And who knows what magic they can perform…


…but I so know they were all natural, crushed from our garden and a few kitchen ingredients.


I have seen a few potion kits doing the rounds (this one is very cool!) and knew my boys would love them. I finally got to it! Here’s the potion kit I set out this morning.


The motar and pestle was something that wasn’t in any of the ones I saw, but was inspired by a PD session I went to recently. (More about that soon!) But it was a hit, and that was how the children managed to get such great colours. Amazing, huh? All those white powders at the bottom?  Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, rock salt and self raising flour. And in each of the jugs I put water and vinegar.


I’m thinking we might experiment with natural fabric dyes next. I have done it before,  but the children were very little,  and they probably don’t remember it. Look out tomorrow for the flashback post about that.


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