The Creekside atelier was developed by Belinda Jenkin, an educational consultant and teacher.

As a teacher I have worked in a wide variety of settings, from high schools, residential colleges, primary classrooms, one-on-one tuition, and early childhood settings. I have taught a wide variety of students, and worked with diverse families. I am a registered teacher, which gives you the security of knowing my police clearances, first aid, mandatory reporting training and ongoing professional development are up to date.

Not long after my children were born, I discovered the world of home education.  As a home educator, I have been amazed by the wealth of learning opportunities available outside of the classroom, and the flexibility of non-traditional learning paths available.

I honestly believe that being a life-long learner is what it is all about! My formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Art (Psychology), Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary), and a Bachelor of Social Science (Geography and History). Just as important to me is my informal learning. I am currently learning to sew, knit, and felt, and developing an understanding of urban planning and design.

Currently I am available for relief teaching, tuition, educational consulting, and curriculum design.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if I can help you in any way with your educational needs.

Belinda Jenkin

0420 622 141


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