Welcome Back, Sunshine!


This. This is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Of to the library, then off to read. Bliss.



Everywhere I have lived I have got to know the librarians by first name. As a teen, my librarian would put books on my parents cards when I dropped in on my way home from school when mine was full. I honestly believe I would not be able survive without them. And I honestly believe the one card system is one of the most exciting things to ever happen. Period.

As a home edder, the library is an amazing resource. We have usually tried to do one library visit a week, usually trying to visit two libraries week about. Lately that has dropped off a bit, but it’s time to return to the library, after this lovely article popped up in my feed.

My favourite point is this:

…the “casual discovery” nature of a library — browsing the stacks without pressure to buy — allows kids to be serendipitous. There’s no predicting what might catch their fancy, but, whatever it is, they can “test drive” it at low risk.

It is always interesting to see what my children are sudfdenly interested in. And I like finding new topics that way too.