Seeds, Seeds, Seeds


Yesterday we started our exploration of Autumn seeds. This really suits us as great way to move on from our study of early agriculture, as well as being a great seasonal activity. As I have already said, we are planning to study Autumn seeds in a unit similar to the one described here. We started with a trek around the yard, including the isolated ‘wild lands’ of abandoned garden we call The Island. We were hunting seeds! We came prepared with tweezers, magnifying glasses and a collection bucket.


And, goodness we found a lot! There are all sorts of interesting seeds just sitting around ready to be examined. At first the children needed a bit of guidance to work out what were seeds, as they needed to get their eye in. Once they got into the swing of it, we were very busy.

After all our collecting we spread all the different types out on a plain background so we could clearly see them all. We had some preliminary investigations. Handling something is a much more meaningful way of learning about something, if that is at all possible. In a few of the seeds – such as the rose hips. it was not possible to see inside them, so some of these we cut in half to see what was in them.



Then it was drawing time. At this stage, my oldest child decided he really wanted to start a nature journal, so he chose some paper to work on with that. The rest of us just used our drawing books.


This afternoon’s job is to go through all our books looking for some related to seeds and to order some from the library, and to rearrange the work shelves to make room for them.

Happy Autumn hunting!