Home Sweet Home


Where do you live, and why do you live there? During this course children will examine housing in Australia, around the world, and through time. Housing has varied in so many different ways: in materials, design, style and size. Why do the houses in Northern Australia all have grills on the windows? Why don’t houses in the UK have fly-screens? Children learn to look for the perceived need the houses are meeting and identify needs houses meet now. Then they will design and construct their own dream cubby house.

Throughout this course the children will use a sketchbook to note ideas and record details.

Part 1: My House

Children will look at collecting information about housing in Mount Barker and in the Adelaide Hills. What were they like? What are they like now? What is your own home like, and what needs does it meet? After surveying my house, and a tent set up for camping, the children will bring home a take home survey to look at their own houses.

Part 2: If These Walls Could Talk

Children will examine some of the features of older houses around this area. We will compare them to how houses are designed now. Then students will need to consider what old houses may have experienced over the years, and create a story or pictures to communicate what an old house might be able to tell them.

Part 3: Houses in the Global Village

Together we investigate what kind of houses exist all around the world and try to puzzle out what particular needs those houses are meeting. Children will build some models of different types of housing and investigate and report on where those houses are and what need they are meeting. What needs are met by build tents? Underground houses? Apartments?

Part 4: Designing my Dream Cubby

Using what we have learned thus far, children will design their dream cubby on paper and decide on materials and get ready to build!

Part 5: Building my Dream Cubby

Today is all about creating the dream cubby! Parents will need to allow time to see their children’s wonderful work.


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