Guiding Statement

At The Creekside Atelier, I believe that learning is what children do! Children are naturally driven to learn, and our job as adults is to make sure that instinct is not curtailed. I am experienced in working with children who are intense and driven! To that end, I believe in providing high quality, open-ended experiences that inspire children to investigate further, to experiment, invent, and design. I offer personalised learning experiences that allow children to explore complex ideas, and construct their own knowledge from their experiences.

Learning at The Creekside Atelier is child-centred. Each course is designed around a central theme, but the specific topics covered by that theme will naturally vary according to the interests and ideas of the children themselves, as will the outcomes, or what is produced by the children. As each course is only a small group, courses are able to be more flexible and responsive,

When designing my courses, I look for ideas that are meaningful, interesting, and worth spending time on.  Children deserve to have big ideas to mull over! Of course,  I am looking for the potential for fun too, and my courses are designed to tackle big ideas with zest and enthusiasm.

It is important to me that children are provided with reasonable quality art and craft materials that are appropriate to the task, and real equipment and tools. As well as showing children that we take them and their learning seriously, it allows children to actually produce a meaningful product. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to paint with watered down paints that run down the page! For this reason, my courses include all materials unless otherwise specified.

The Creekside Atelier is about providing the opportunity for children to do what they do naturally – thinking and learning by doing, making and creating.


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